Why 81?

This is the year my cycling virus started. I opened my eyes and I was already on the cycling race.

Why Velopower?

I was raised in a cycling family.

My grandfathers both were professional cyclists. My father was a professional cyclist and participated in the Olympic road race in Moscow. And my brother (Greg Van Avermaet) became Olympic champion and is still one of our best Belgian cyclists. My husband (Rik Verbrugghe) was a professional cyclist, is coach of the Belgium team and works as team leader for the Bahrain team.

I do not have to tell you that the ‘Van Avermaet’ family is suffering from the bicycle virus. A stubborn virus for which no medication exists yet. We are flandriens in heart and soul.

Add to that Power women, who want to follow their heart and their dreams, and you get VELOPOWERA healthy lifestyle on and off the bike. Each piece from this collection brings ‘honour’ to this Power woman on the bike. By believing in yourself and trusting your POWER , you will also radiate that.

I find my inspiration on my bike, during long trips in nature. I look for colours and designs that give you power and strength. An outfit that gives you even more power and love than yesterday.

Take your bike, your smile, your power and go for it!